Omni Channel Sales Strategy in China

During June13-14, 2016 BrainChild Inc. had an opportunity to join strategic meeting of a dairy manufacturer in Hong Kong to share our Big Data know-how and to gain better understanding of client business.


The meeting took 2 days which each team presented information of their area of expertise such as dairy production technology, product innovation, logistic solution in China, etc. Attendees came from many countries such as China, Russia, Japan, Thailand, and Australian which bring out diversified and interesting ideas.


BrainChild presented big data and how it can help dairy business. This topic gains a lot of attention and many people discuss about it. Many teams urge to know more about big data and want to apply it in their departments. In addition, with owner’s vision to create digital native company, technology and information shall be a key part in their strategies.


After this meeting, I can feel that Big Data gains a lot of attention around the world. All organizations urge to understand and to harness to improve their competitiveness. In this new age of Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning, Big data will become the basis of competition and growth for each company, enhancing productivity, reducing waste, optimizing resources and increasing of quality of products and services. As for BrainChild, a Big Data solution provider, there are many companies that are waiting for our support to share our Big Data know-how and turn their data to their competitive advantage.


Kritdikoon Woraittihinan


中国でのOmni Channel 販売戦略_20160721_0101